Concrete Soaking Tubs

Concrete soaking tubs are a truly unique experience in bathing.  The feel of cast stone on your skin is something that can’t be adequately described, and there’s a reason we offer optional embedded heating coils in these tubs….you don’t want to get out.  Enjoy one of our five standard sizes, or design your own!  Also available with a MetalCrete exterior finish of genuine pewter, bronze, Iron, or Copper.  Prices starting between $7,400 - $11,500.

The Ofuro

Japanese-Style, 70 Gallons


Classic Indugle Tub

85 Gallon Soaking Tub


Urban Indulge Tub

85 Gallon Soaking Tub


Classic DoubleWave Tub

130 Gallons, Room for Two


Urban DoubleWave Tub

130 Gallons, Room for Two


Custom Tubs

We love working with designers!


Classic Tranquility Tub

Our newest design!


Urban Tranquility Tub

Not Shown But Available!


Hot baths were a central part of Japanese culture, and the Ofuro bath tub was designed tall and deep. This  style allows full-body immersion in the hot water, promoting complete relaxation while at the same time giving your body an automatic cardiovascular workout, dilating blood vessels and improving circulation, which in turn speeds up healing processes and helps to flush toxins from the body. The style requires a smaller footprint which can be accommodated in smaller bath rooms or which can leave room for more amenities in a larger suite.


The Sonoma Cast Stone Ofuro concrete soaking tub features a discreet slot drain and the option of embedded heating coils which will keep your tub cozy and warm for as long as you care to stay in it! Our Ofuro is available in dozens of natural and designer colors, hand-polished and sealed in Classic Concrete.

Concrete Soaking Tubs for Your Bath or Spa

A Truly Unique Bathing Experience...

A truly unique experience in bathing. The feel of cast stone on your skin is something that can't be adequately described, but there's a reason we offer optional, embedded heating coils in these tubs. People just don't want to get out. Available finishes now include MetalCrete®, genuine pewter, bronze, steel or copper, permananently plated to your tub.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Available in Classic Concrete

Choice of Designer and Natural Colors



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