NuCrete Stainless Concrete
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Architects and designers love concrete so much that they have talked clients into using it, despite the staining and cracking historically associated with this warm, colorful and sculptural material.

After years of research, Sonoma Cast Stone has finally removed this hurdle and achieved a truly stainless concrete without coating the surface with epoxy or epoxy like materials.


Go ahead, give it a try. Limes, lemons, wine and oil have long been the enemy of concrete countertops. No longer. You’ll be amazed… It really does work! A stainless, crack-free concrete is exactly what people in the Kitchen and Bath Industry have wanted for years. Now it’s here.

With this industry innovation, Sonoma Cast Stone products made with NuCrete will retain a “like new” finish for years to come.


Currently, Sonoma Cast Stone products made with NuCrete™ are available in a selection of 24 colors, and custom colors are possible.

If you are currently planning a project, fax your schematics, meaurements or drawings to us at 707.283.1899, and we’ll be happy to provide a free cost estimate of your work done in our new, stainless NuCrete™.
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